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Cornerstone MFT Server

Secure Managed File Transfer solution with clustering, auditing and Active Directory support
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25 February 2014

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This solution is for a managed file transfers for enterprises.

Cornerstone provides a managed file transfer solution. It offers high availability and lets you meet security and security compliance requirements easily. This solution can integrate quite easily with existing authentication systems. This solution thus helps meet couple of top of the chart concerns easily; namely those of effective security and demonstration of compliance with regulatory demands. The tool can be installed easily and is very cost effective. It ensures that hackers cannot get in by making sure the firewalls close down the inbound ports effectively. Two-factor authentication using eTokens and WebDrive client is implemented. Even at-rest data is encrypted so that there is no point in time when data is left un-secured. For the sake of high-availability, this solution has load-balancing features and has scalable, multi-server clustering and fail-over. Very effective data compression is used to enhance data transfer speeds.

Compliance requirements are easily met without adding to the complexity. FIPS 140-2, HIPPA, SOX are some of the regulatory needs that are easily met. This MFT server is compatible with Windows server 2003, 08, 12 and supports both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows versions. Files on local storage are protected from unauthorized access. The data encryption process is high security by current industry standards and the process ensures there is no gaps when data remains un-encrypted. This tool uses a combination of perimeter security and two-factor authentication. This reduces the risks of network breach. CornerstoneMFT uses WebDrive to add another layer of authentication. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, you should try it in your exact workflow.

Publisher's description

Cornerstone Managed File Transfer offers secure transfers, encrypted file storage and events automation that can shut down potential attacks before they happen. Cornerstone is a secure, scalable solution that is cost effective and easy to implement. And with the optional DMZedge server, you can further reduce the risk of network intrusion.
Cornerstone closes the gaps in security left by traditional secure file transfer server products:
Secure data in motion using strong security
Secure data at rest - without interim steps that leave data temporarily unsecured
Two-factor authentication using eTokens
Reduce the risks of hacking and network intrusion
Anticipate and avoid security problems with monitoring and alerts
Cornerstone offers a scalable solution that easily grows as your business needs dictate:
Multi-server clustering and load balancing support
Data compression increases file transfer speeds
Event management and automation
Quickly implementing a Managed File Transfer solution means less cost and a shorter time to realize the benefits:
Simple installation and configuration within your existing architecture
Software-only solution reduces costs and complexity
Intuitive web interface make file access simple for end users
Easy integration with other systems
Cornerstone MFT Server
Cornerstone MFT Server
Version 10.40
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